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Starting Jan. 1st, we're going to try and do a VOTE DRIVE - each day in January, something new will go up as a vote incentive. Just click the link and vote for us to see it, and you'll be helping CRUSH! get more exposure (and hopefully more fans!)
We'll be archiving all the bonuses on our Patreon, also, so subscribers don't have to worry about missing a day. ^_~

NEW Jan 29 - KoiZ, share that beer with Usa-kun..

Jan 28 - Here's a bonus we posted way back in 2011, titled "What's that shit in KoiZ's apartment?" :D

Jan 27 - Just a quick sketch..

Jan 26 - Nearing the end of January! And, well, when its cold, there's nothing better than staying inside where its warm and cuddling up with a nice book... oh...

Jan 25 - Let's see what Shiro pulls out of the pile today in the conclusion of this bonus...

Jan 24 - Since when have you ever bought your own shit, Shiro? (just joking, Shiro... though not really ♡)

Jan 23 - The start of a new mini-comic~ ☆

Jan 22 - A triple sketch today! We'll get to know this trio more in future chapters. (^w~)

Jan 21 - Today's bonus is a little flashback to Kaji's high school pitching days. So serious, Kaji... (And while we've been forbidden by KoiZ to reveal his teenage years, now that Shiro has shown up, its probably only a matter of time...)

Jan 20 - Oops, sorry for the late update - we'll make up for it with a double sketch in the upcoming days. Here's the end of our dear twins' bathtub bonus... ( ̄ω ̄)

Jan 18 - Stay tuned for the next installment... ^_~

Jan 17 - Today's extra is part one of a new bonus comic~

Jan 16 - Added some color :D

Jan 15 - Today's bonus is a concept sketch of little Haruka & Miwa from their flashback scene in scene 12!

Jan 14 - been a while since we've seen these two

Jan 13 - Aaaaand it's "Scene 15 Cover: The Making Of - Part II"

Jan 12 - Today's vote sketch is "Scene 15 Cover: The Making Of"

Jan 11 - Let's go back to Kana and see what he's up to... Ooh!

Jan 10 - Here's one of the original sketches we had of Shiro before he showed up at KoiZ's door.

Jan 9 - Whatcha got, Kana?

Jan 8 - The final panel, and a taste of everyday conversation with these two...

Jan 7 - Shiro and KoiZ continue their conversation:

Jan 6 -

Jan 5 - New bonus picture of cuteness

Jan 4 - a little sketch from 2 years ago of Shota being badass as usual...

Jan 3 - New sketch! Taking a peek back at KoiZ's apartment to see how our new arrival is faring...

Jan 2 - A new sketch is now up!

Jan 1 A special New Years illustration of our guys will start it out:

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