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2/2/16 - It's Twin Tail Day! We may not have any twin tails, but our twins like their tails... ♡

Thanks for all the votes we got in January! (*_*)/ It was plenty of fun coming up with new sketches every day and we got to make some bonus comics we’d been waiting to make. If you missed them, all of January’s vote bonuses are archived on our Patreon for $5+ subscribers (you also get sneak previews, extra sketches & writing, and other cool stuff).

We’ll continue putting up vote bonuses for February every week or so! (and you can still vote every day if you feel like giving us a boost) ♡

✰ Patreon Announcement! ✰

We want to thank everyone who has been reading Seiyuu CRUSH! ~ and especially those who have watched our guys' stories unfold since February 2011! We're going on five years soon, and we still kind of feel like we are just getting started!

Well over 275,000 words have been written so far ~ over 500 pages have been drawn and put up here. We have years worth of pages already written that need to go up... and still there is so much more to write. It's exciting to think about, and yet, it only makes us want to get further into their stories - sooner. So much work goes into keeping CRUSH! updating, and we could really use your help. Your support would help us to focus on CRUSH! without having so many "real life" financial distractions. And it would make us so amazingly happy to be updating three pages a week once again. Supporting us through Patreon would be a HUGE help in moving us to our goal of working on CRUSH! full time! ♡

And did we mention we have secrets?? Yes, secrets! And panels that didn't make it to the page, character trivia no one but us knows, small bonus scenes, previews... We have lots to give back. ♡

So please come take a look at our Patreon page, and consider joining us! You'll get access to one (or both) of our secret blogs if you decide to support our work and our guys, and you'll be helping us get to updating three days a week!