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Ah, so you want to know more about CRUSH!? Like how and when, and if we have any plans for this or that, and will they ever...? Mm... and can we do this frequently asked questions thing without taking away the magic? Ah, yes... I think we can. ♡
A few words from a song, and the thread of our story began, picking up speed, weaving a cast of beginning characters who stepped in to reveal themselves in the shades of color they desired, some of them rather teasingly... And before long, what had started as something 'just really funny' had woven itself into rather complex and real stories of their selves and relationships with each other. It became passion, and we hope as their scenes are revealed and shared, others will see the beauty of who they are, individually, and together. ♡
Our very sketchy and rushed first page went up late at night on Valentines Day (Feb. 14th) of 2011.
How far ahead is the script written?
Years... really. The scenes that are going up now were written back in 2011, and as of this writing, we are past 275,000 words of completed script, with an amazing amount of notes for experiences the guys have whispered to us, and have coming. Like that wording, do you, KoiZ? heh.
Any plans for *such and such* to happen?
Ahaha, plans... and that would insinuate some sort of control, which we tossed away all illusions of having as soon as KoiZ appeared on the scene. We are the observers and listeners ~ their translators. They are very much who they are, and they always do as they like. One of the most awesome things is getting to be surprised by what they do and say, and trusting in what they show us. ♡
Well, we know Kaji is almost a whole year older than a certain someone, as he pointed out after KoiZ used the words "young ones" in front of him. Oh, and we basically know Kana's age, don't we? And those Flavor brothers seem to be spaced out in age a bit. As for which twin is the oldest... Oh, and Miwa is the youngest seiyuu at the studio... Ah, well... we think most ages will be slowly revealed throughout the story, if you're paying attention, and care to think about it.
Is KoiZ's name really KoiZ?
Ooh... now that's a good question. And someone totally knows the answer to that one. ^^
How do you feel about Fan Art/Fiction?
The guys are flattered at the attention, but all text, images, people, and locations of Seiyuu CRUSH! are copyright, and we are deeply protective of our boys, so please do not create any works using them in any way.
Who is sore★zore?
Various things... and two that are one ~ an artist of expression through images and hue, an artist of whisperings and words. A gay couple who live in a fanciful world of purple silk and pineapple fountains. shhh... don't wake them...
Random Stuff ~
*And just a note for those not familiar with Japanese honorifics. You'll see our guys use -san, -kun, and -chan after names most of the time, unless they are very close to someone. These usually signify various levels of respect. To your boss, someone older than you, or in polite situations, it's usually -san. To a friend around your age, or to someone younger than you, it will usually be -kun. Sometimes you'll see -chan after the name. This is a more 'cute' honorific signifying affection, and may be used with family members, such as Kana using -chan with all of his brothers (well, and with everyone really, because Kana is just cute like that ♡), and also used by close friends to show affection. Using only first names with no honorific is considered very personal, and is usually used with siblings, lovers, or friends who have a close relationship.
You can send us an email any time at studio -@- (≧ワ≦*)